25th June 2017
Sandra’s Story – Why learning to code is not just for kids

Sandra is 54 and attended an Autism-Friendly Codex Coding Course (20th – 24th February 2017). She wrote about her experiences for National…

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14th June 2017
Meet Jack – from Deamr

My tech Journey started when I was only three I remember my first PC, not so much the make, but I…

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30th May 2017
Meet Jonathan – Catch up with our UK events co-ordinator

Jonathan Channing is only 21 but he has an interesting and challenging background. Expelled from a number of schools, he left…

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1st April 2017
How to get involved with National Coding Week

How to get involved with National Coding Week. Children are part of a confident “Digital Generation” having grown up with the…

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19th September 2016
Meet Josh – our National Coding Week Rising Star!

Background My name is Joshua Perkins and I’m 15 years old. I recently got in touch with National Coding Week because…

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13th September 2016
Build it Scotland

Build it Scotland – Blog by Rob Pearson Rob Pearson at BBC Pacific Quay reception, Glasgow Lava, green wool and diamonds…

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