4 Reasons You Should Go To Coding Bootcamp

Interview with James Brooke, Co-Founder Northcoders

12th September 2017
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Delegates at Northcoders’ Boot Camp

So – you’ve decided you want to become a Software Developer. Awesome! You have made an EXCITING decision for your future. There has never been a better time to become a Software Developer. The UK needs more people who can code. You’ll be in-demand. And you’ll be in a highly satisfying and creative job.

But what is the best way to get there? Should you learn by yourself? Complete an online course? Or attend a Coding Bootcamp? Get a Computer Science Degree?

Now – we’re biased! We set up our own Coding Bootcamp because we believe learning to code is more effective, efficient and fun when done together. That’s just true. Learning together is better.

Why should you go to Coding Bootcamp? Here’s our Top 4 reasons!

1) Skills the Industry Needs

Any Coding Bootcamp worth its salt will have a curriculum built entirely upon the skills businesses in the area need – and will hire for. 

David Pickering, Head of Engineering at Data Analytics business Peak.BI wrote that “Previous traditional recruitment methods… always resulted in having to train people up on our modern development stack” compared to “relevant and up-to-date” skills of Bootcamp graduates.

It can be almost impossible to know where to start when learning to code. What language(s) should I learn for the best chance at getting a job? What libraries and frameworks should I learn? There’s another aspect – best practices.

Developer Teams in businesses use Agile, pair-programming, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Version Control… All difficult, if not impossible, to pick up on your own. Coding Bootcamps take away this pain, working directly with their hiring partners and industry experts to design a curriculum businesses need.

2) Credentials the Industry Respects

You won’t leave a Coding Bootcamp just with the skills, knowledge and community, but with its reputation too. Businesses will likely know the name of any reputable coding course provider in your region, and the quality of its graduates – giving you a strong shoe in.

And because they know how well you can code, they know you’re worth more, too. Dan Pass, CIO at 1st Stop Group, wrote that the Bootcamp graduates he hired were “considerably more than normal ‘junior developers”. We know the money isn’t the most important thing – but it’s certainly an advantage! As an example, our graduates earn a starting salary on average between £24,000 and £25,000 – considerably higher than the average for ‘normal’ junior developer roles. Can’t argue with that!

Make sure the Bootcamp you’re thinking of joining has a great reputation and a strong network in the region you’re looking to be hired in.

“You’ll make friends for life”

3) The Power of Community

In joining a Coding Bootcamp, you become part of something bigger. Far bigger. For our students, graduates and staff, it’s becoming part of a family.

Firstly, this is great for developing your technical skills. Our tutors are on hand at least 11 hours a day, but it is amazing to see groups of students working together on their projects during the day or after hours – even at weekends. It’s exponentially more productive than being fed up of trying to solve the same problem on your own.

Our graduate Chris said that “My cohort and tutors became part of my family. Whenever I felt like it was too much for me, they were there to bring me right back up.” Secondly – the community doesn’t end with the Bootcamp. You’ll make friends for life.

4) Immersed in Code

There’s no doubt that it is possible to learn to code by yourself. The three key disadvantages are this: time, staying motivated and getting the right skills and best practices.

By committing to immersing yourself in code for 3 months, you know that you’re getting to your goal as quickly as reasonably possible. You’ll learn more, and you’ll learn it faster, and you’ll learn it better.

Not just that – you’ll waste almost no time deciding what to learn. And like Chris said – there will always be plenty of support there for when it gets tough.

Coding together is exponentially better!

Northcoders is the Coding Bootcamp for the North of England, based in Manchester and catering to businesses across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield.

Our flagship 12-Week Full-Time Bootcamp runs every 3 months.

We also offer a 24-Week Part-Time Bootcamp designed for those who need to work part or full-time.

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