Become a National Coding Week Rising Star

10th July 2017
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Our Rising Star programme aims to encourage youngsters to share their digital skills by organising events during National Coding Week. They can share their skills with other students or with their teachers, parents and family.

National Coding Week aims to give adults the opportunity to learn digital skills, building their confidence whilst having fun. However, lots of young people get involved too. Our motto is Learn | Share | Have Fun! and it is plain to see that whatever your age, people can thrive learning new skills.

Rising Stars have passion for “digital”, share their skills with others and organise events for National Coding Week

How you can become a star in 2017

  1. Your headteacher/ college principal / University Tutor needs to nominate you and vouch for your enthusiasm and your passion for sharing your skills
  2. You need to organise events for National Coding Week and let us know what you are doing
  3. Ensure you place a pin on our National Coding Week Map

Examples of events you could organise during National Coding Week

  1.  one large event involving a wide range of people and age groups
  2.  several small events
  3.  events that involve people in your year group or across year groups
  4.  events might help train teachers or involve parents, governors or the community

How to Apply

Apply here


Ask your headteacher/ College Principal or University Tutor to fill in this form. They can usually nominate up to 5 students.

Rising Stars have a passion for all things digital and they organise interesting events for a wide range of people. In 2016 Josh became our first Risking Star.

Photo of Josh Perkins

Josh Perkins presenting to staff at his school


Extract from a 2016 interview with Josh which led him to gaining Rising Star recognition:

“Over the last few months have been working on setting up a ‘drone’ technology challenge at my school (you can read more about this later on or visit or I have also been working on setting up a coding club within my school to follow on from an event computer science teachers and I are running in school on Wed 21st Sept for National Coding Week. In addition to this  school event I will be running coding taster sessions for students taking part in the drone challenge as well as organising events in my local library.

Recently I have started working on a number of iOS apps and away from coding I have been working on a project for the Royal Aero Society. Last year I took part in an online Learn to Code session for National Coding Week and next year I hope to get events up and running throughout Derbyshire and Staffordshire in the UK!

The QEGS Drone Challenge

Drone Challenge Students

Drone Challenge Students

The Drone challenge aims to teach GCSE students valuable digital skills, including coding  and inspire them into the world of STEM by building quadcopters and drones. We are running this ‘engineering enrichment’ scheme in this academic year at QEGS Ashbourne ( to encourage students to engage more with STEM subjects. This year will be a ‘trial run’ and next year we hope to expand to schools throughout Derbyshire and Staffordshire!”

Joshua Perkins National Coding Week Rising Star 2016