Fun with HTML coding challenge!

20th September 2017

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Over the last few decades, London has become one of the most important technology hubs in Europe. With demand for digital skills growing at a phenomenal rate, however, there are simply not enough people qualified to fill them, holding back businesses and the economy. And we’re still not seeing those skills developing fast enough to meet this increasing need.

As part of National Coding Week, global technology giant Rocket Software is organising an introductory session to help people of all ages get to grips with the basics of HTML coding. Whether you’re a student learning coding at school, a parent who wants to be able to help your children with their homework, or someone who is keen to know more about how websites and computers work, this course is the one for you!

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The session, held from 9am – 2pm on Thursday 21st September at Uxbridge College, will help you to understand the basics of HTML coding and how to create a web page. Everyone who completes the course will be presented with a certificate for their participation and will also be in with a chance to win some great prizes in the coding challenge! Sign up today.

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What is HTML coding?

HTML is not only one of the foundation computer languages of the web but also one of the easiest to learn, allowing you to devise your own websites or edit and update existing websites yourself. Most development tools support HTML, and the coding language is the most search engine-friendly. Creating new website content or fixing layout issues is a breeze when you understand how browsers apply default styles.

Why learn?

Many business websites can function very effectively on HTML alone, without the need for sophisticated content management applications or advanced programming languages. By understanding how computers and websites work, you’ll be able to edit and update company or personal websites yourself; a skill that will put you ahead of the majority of the working population!
So, keep up to date with the digital revolution and come along to the Fun with HTML coding challenge! National Coding Week is in full swing for the fourth year running with many different events, catering for everyone who may be interested in learning how to code.


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