Meet Elliott – Our National Coding Week Ambassador in Melbourne

10th July 2017
Photo of Elliott

Elliott our National Coding Week Ambassador – Australia

My Background

My father’s passion for digital technology really started my digital career. As a child growing up I saw that my father loved technology and always had the newest Apple computer. His keen eye for detail and design skills led him to build up a side business as a graphic designer. The more I helped and involved myself in this, the more I learnt and improved myself.

My brother also influenced my tech career – as a teenager, he introduced me to games, more specifically PC Games. My enthusiasm for playing them was matched with my interest in how they were made. As a result I decided to pursue a career in IT.

At secondary school I studied Design Technology and Information Technology and undertook work experience in the IT department of my local college. After completing my school exams I went back to the college and completed my Diploma in ICT.

Once I finished this I was put in to the Real world, My first job was help desk admin support for a MSP (Managed Service Provider) in Jersey (Channel Islands). I did this for two years and learnt a lot!. I then went on to work for JT a Telco. Here I was a provisioning engineer providing home lines and broadband services.

Travel led to Opportunities

In 2012 I left JT and went travelling. This took me to Australia where i now live. l ended up loving the lifestyle and seeing the huge opportunities to pursue my career in Digital Technology.

ET Solutions Logo

ET Solutions – my own business

I now work for a National Health IT company as a Technical Consultant installing, managing and maintaining pharmacy networks across the country. I am interested in all things tech, It is now a passion I have had for a long time and have now decided to start a business as a IT Consultant (ET Solutions AU) to help share and grow my knowledge. I look forward to the new challenges ahead.

My Advice

‘If you want it enough you can achieve anything you want, You just have to put your mind to it.’

As a tech enthusiast myself, I suggest to others that if you are interested then  “discover and learn”. Do things yourself, read things online in your spare time. There are plenty of free resources available for you online to help grow your knowledge and educate yourself.

Go to your local meet-ups or events at your local libraries or digital hubs, there you will meet people who can help keep your passion for technology alive.


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