20th July 2016
Scotland The DigiTech Brave

Scotland may be a land steeped in heavy industry, but despite (or because of) having an economy deeply embedded in the historical…

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14th July 2016
The Story of CodeUP

CodeUp UK was founded by Claire Dodd. The initial idea was formed in November 2014, and came about by people…

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8th July 2016
Meet the Ambassador — Louize’s Story

Background Louize Clarke is Director of ConnectTVT a Reading-based platform which aims to connect the tech and digital dots across the…

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1st July 2016
Daaneshwar’s Story

Background Despite my school’s best efforts, with its high quality tutelage and good role models, I coasted through lacking direction, and…

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22nd June 2016
Daniel’s Story

Lost My name is Daniel. From a young age I had a tough time and consequently I had difficulty harnessing my…

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17th June 2016
Meet the Ambassadors  –  Claire’s story

My name is Claire Dodd, and I’m originally from West Yorkshire, but now residing in Manchester. I come from a background…

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